This past Monday, one of our staff members, Donavon Gibbens, completed a 60.2 mile bike ride for his 50th birthday. Donavon took up road biking about a year ago and for the past few months has been riding regularly with Tim Bower, our HR manager here at Grace Klein Construction. Donavon and Tim have both been riding 1970s era road bikes that were generously donated to Grace Klein Community and were restored by Donavon. Donavon said that he has been enjoying riding so much that he decided to complete a bike ride of at least 50 miles on his 50th birthday.

During the ride, Donavon posted updates on his progress and said that he was encouraged by coworkers to hold on and endure to the end. He was chased by dogs four or five times, but he said that people in vehicles were very courteous and gave him adequate space on the road. Donavon did not listen to any music on the ride, but instead, just enjoyed the silence and solitude. Upon reaching his 50 mile goal, he was about 10 miles from his residence, so he decided to keep on pushing all the way back home. How did he feel after completing 60.2 miles in 3 hours and 50 minutes? “I was pooped!” he said. His reward for completing his goal: enjoying a big slab of ribs from Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ with his family.


Way to Go, Donavon!