Construction as Worship

Categories : God Is Good , Life

Posted by Jenny Waltman

Construction can be difficult. Exhausting. Yesterday, was that day for us, the kind of day when we feel completely zapped of every bit of everything we could possible give. Being used up hurts. Our brains hurt, our hearts hurt, our physical body hurts.

And yet, this call to persevere keeps pushing us forward. We are compelled to give our life to this calling, to this mission.

Our mission is to spread the hope of Jesus through the avenue of construction. Never is it really about construction, but rather about relationships that we build through construction.

Maybe that’s why it can hurt so much. The physical work can be demanding. The mental stress of “what ifs” is taxing. But oh the emotional calling to fully love, to care, to invest in people, to sacrifice…now that’s painful.

The construction repairs and remodeling are temporary. Our goal is to complete every project with excellence and our staff puts all they’ve got into the end result.  But in a few years, the design will become outdated, weather will age the product, and the paint will chip.

We work, we toil, with every bit of His energy that He works so powerfully in us. Otherwise, what’s the point, just chasing some cash that won’t really matter in the end.

Yet, in view of God’s mercy…

Mercy. God’s mercy. It changes everything. His great love is what compels us.

Because of God’s mercy, we offer our bodies as living sacrifices. We choose to give God every bit of all of us. So that’s what all this painful, used up, exhausted feeling is – a living sacrifice.

We offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. Ummm, not always. Ask our co-workers. Stressing at uncertainty and losing our cool isn’t that holy and pleasing. We blow it a lot. We sure blew it yesterday. We were frustrated. We wanted to blame someone, anyone. I think we yelled. We were done, done in every way.

But, He gave us more mercy and more grace. How does He do that? He compels us in our “I want to quit” moments to keep pressing on, to keep offering up our lives as living sacrifices. We have another chance. Tomorrow, by His grace, we may actually demonstrate the holy and pleasing to God portion of WHY we are doing this journey.

The goal is for IT to be our spiritual act of worship. The IT is the laying down of ourselves, the dying, the choice to be a living sacrifice.

We fail, miserably, but we wake up and because of God’s mercy we offer our bodies as living sacrifices again. We wake up willing to be all used up, wondering if this time He will allow and orchestrate the holy and pleasing part.

All we want to do is worship God, worship God with our very lives. We are called. We are chosen. It’s not about the construction, but about the people.

We exist to LOVE…
the customer fighting cancer,
the employee that damages company equipment,
the customer that spent the money   we need to be paid to make payroll,
the employee with heartbreaking family issues,
the vendor that didn’t show up when he promised,
the customer we can not satisfy,
the employee who is late to work,
the vendor who ordered the wrong supplies,
the customer’s that are fighting to save their marriage,
the employee who missed the deadline,
the little kid that’s in the way…

Love is this insane, impossible act and we cannot accomplish such a feat without Jesus.

What is impossible for man is possible with God. The mercy of God changes everything, including us.

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”   Romans 12:1