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Grace Klein Construction employee Mark Vann saw a need and God stirred his heart to meet that need. For the past several years, Mark has been directly involved in missions work in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti and has seen first-hand the extreme poverty that exists in those countries. After being confronted with the dire need that he saw, he said that God got hold of him and wouldn’t let go. Lack of safe drinking water in many areas of these and other countries contributes to an extremely high mortality rate for children under the age of five. God moved in Mark’s heart and gave him a desire to work toward providing safe, clean drinking water to people in these areas. Mark has seen how access to safe water can be the first step that enables a person to emerge from extreme poverty. Meeting the practical need for clean water also opens the door to minister to people spiritually. In light of this, Mark formed the non-profit organization TrueWater International. The goal of TrueWater is to address key issues surrounding the need for clean drinking water with a simple, researched and patented method of ceramic technology applied for the manufacture of point-of-use water filters. This technology can be used anywhere in the world with a local craft tradition and access to the required natural resources (primarily clay and combustibles). Local peoples are educated and equipped to manufacture the water filters themselves. They are also educated concerning better sanitation practices and the importance of proper hygiene. TrueWater’s goal is that the positive benefits and improvements this develops will create a healthier community environment and generate a permanent attitude of change that continues over time for an improved quality of life. TrueWater International desires to affect the life of each family that will receive one of the water filtration systems that they are able to deliver through a local church– who will then begin to develop meaningful relationships throughout the community. Relationships are developed that reflect the love of Jesus Christ, improve the health of families, increase opportunities for education and provide release from the worst conditions of extreme poverty. For more information about TrueWater International go to: