Evan Moon. How can one describe this crazy man, willing to drop everything and move from Atlanta, GA, to Birmingham, AL, to come invest in our crew and community?! When we unexpectedly needed help in our Materials Manager role, we sent him a text and he came to help within a few hours. He promised us he would help a week, and he never left.

Employee of the Month – June 2015

Every day, we should be thanking God that Rick Hunt has not chosen to retire. Rick is one of our most adaptable employees, no matter what new challenges are thrown his way. He is steady, even, predictable, detail oriented and observant. He is the one to read the fine print, answer phone calls and listen thoroughly.  He is always looking for a way to improve Grace Klein Construction, Inc. Rick leads our office with humility, humor, encouragement and unity. No one cares that he isn’t lifting the heavy equipment because we know he is ‘lifting’ all the behind the scenes details that can be the most difficult to carry.